First of all we look if your project is feassible with our engineering experience and available test equipment.

We will make a calculation if your project is economical feassible for your estimate Budget.

to consider the needs of the future serial unit production price.


This part of our service is free .


We would be happy to compile an offer which will statisfy the special needs to design your project.


Designs the following are obtained in our offer:


1) A target sheet of Requirments and  Specifications of the project.

2) Make an Initiale drawing of the project with form and sizes depending from the type

   of semiconductors / mechanical parts. checked for the delivery and fabrication stops.

3) Start to design the electronic circuit  and PCB layout , order the parts for some prototype.

4) Make a full documentation from the electronic circuit ,PCB layout ,Parts type sizes-manufac.

5) Order some designed Printed Circuit Boards to start the to assemble and soldering the first PCB

     step by step .

6)  After assembling ,we finish the electronic duty test in accordance with requirments and designed 


   Our IT specialist begin to program  in case of assembled programmable  semiconductors to 

   finish the prototype for field tests.  

7) After a succesfully field test we send the serial production files to the manufactory of your 

    choice, who makes a small test serie to test it under our specified environment conditions .

8) We finish the project succesfully and deliver all documents and production files.

    Are standby for further tips and support.


 See example project design/assemble progress  figures below  !












Advanced  Telemetry  Projects  designed  by  Mes-Engineering   1000 + units   worldwide sold

Call or write me in german ,english or dutch

to discuss your project


mail: mike.mes-engineering@web.de

phone +49 2472 8057 26

Other telemetry projects designed by Mes-Engineering in the past years

          GPS GSM NAVCOM TRANSCEIVER            CB RADIO GPS DATA TX MODULE                                                                GSM GPS TRANSPONDER            LATER  MODEL                   GSM GPS XYZ  GYRO 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    BAROMATIC TRANSPONDER



MEPTEL  Advanced Telemetry reload battery operated transponder module



Receive wireless  medical datastream from the sportsman

via ANT +   Sensor signals from the  body

Tranfer this data stream via GSM/GPRS  complition

with  his GPS location and real time status to the user. 




We sold 10 prototype to NSPYRE / ALTRAN  to test it in the field  read this newsbulletin or pdf below.

See this video or mp4 below.


Note:  Altran makes in their video a false allegation that they designed the  hardware device.

Mepro GmbH/MES Engineering claim all hardware design and production licenses.

Productions or copy parts of our design  without our explicit consent will be prosecuted.


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First In-Race Live Testing for Team Stol
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